I’m gonna level with you: this was a challenging list to put together.

Between all the new pre-orders available at John Lofgren, the premiere of a bunch of Yanko boots at Skolyx, and the latest from Viberg, White’s, Unmarked, and more, there are an overwhelming number of releases to talk about this week. The fact that it’s happening in the middle of sale season (seen our Black Friday sales roundup yet?? You should definitely see that.) is somewhat mind-boggling. But, it’s also extremely encouraging to see how much this industry is humming along. Bless.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

viberg armagnac hatch shell cordovan

Viberg Service Boot in Armagnac Hatch Grain Shell Cordovan: $1520 (Pre-Order)

Never before seen on a Viberg boot, this armagnac hatch grain shell is absolutely stunning. It’s paired with another rarity: oak bark leather outsoles from France’s Tannerie Bastin, one of the last traditional oak bark tanneries in existence. Built on the 2030 last. Not a cheap boot! But certainly a good one.

withered fig viberg rowdy dachshund service boot

Viberg Service Boot in Rowdy Dachshund: $710

This seasonal release 1035 Service Boot is making its debut today at Withered Fig, and while we’ve talked about it before in this space, it’s worth noting that you can earn a $70 Withered Fig gift card when you purchase a pair from them. Right now they’re offering a $5 gift card for every $50 spent! More details here.

alden brogue montrose boot

Alden x Brogue “Montrose” Boot: $798

The “Montrose” is both bold and playful, with a ram-shaped brogue toe juxtaposed against a blacked-out shell cordovan backdrop. Made on the Plaza last with a 360 flat welt and double oiled leather soles.

whites boots millwood

White’s Boots Millwood: $290

Built on the 1972 last with similar specs to the Perry Boot, the Millwood swaps out the moc toe for a good ol’ fashioned plain toe. Currently on sale for Black Friday, which knocks the price all the way down to a very attractive $232.

alden madison plain toe boot color 8 shell cordovan

Alden Madison Plain Toe Boot in Color 8 Shell Cordovan: $800

Now that is a handsome-ass pair of boots. These plain toes are Barrie-lasted and feature a 270 storm welt, plus some Indy flair by way of the neocork soles.

john lofgren wabash engineer black shinki hikaku horsebutt

John Lofgren Wabash Engineer in Black Shinki Hikaku Horsebutt: $1250 (Pre-Order)

Sheesh. We turned away for a minute, and when we looked back there were all these pre-orders at John Lofgren. Lots to get through here, so let’s breeze through it a bit. First up, the signature Lofgren favorite Wabash Engineer gets the Shinki horsebutt treatment, coming atcha in black…

john lofgren wabash engineer burgundy shinki hikaku horsebutt

John Lofgren Wabash Engineer in Burgundy Shinki Hikaku Horsebutt: $1250 (Pre-Order)

…as well as burgundy, both made on the 110 last with Vibram V-bar soles.

john lofgren usn low quarter shoes russet brown french calf

John Lofgren USN Low Quarter Shoes in Russet Brown French Calf: $690 (Pre-Order)

Clean lines and immaculate construction make these military-inspired bluchers a superb choice. Built on the 140 last with leather soles and Quabaug heels in a russet brown French calf…

john lofgren usn low quarter shoes black french calf

John Lofgren USN Low Quarter Shoes in Black French Calf: $690 (Pre-Order)

…or classic black.

john lofgren glover brogues cognac shinki hikaku shell cordovan

John Lofgren Glover Brogues in Cognac Shinki Hikaku Shell Cordovan: $1300 (Pre-Order)

These brogued-out boots are made on Lofgren’s 150 last with Vibram Eton rubber soles. A lovely cognac shade of Shinki shell here…

john lofgren glover brogues red brown shinki hikaku shell cordovan

John Lofgren Glover Brogues in Red-Brown Shinki Hikaku Shell Cordovan: $1300 (Pre-Order)

…or there’s this sanguine pair.

john lofgren montagna boots camel shinki hikaku horsehide

John Lofgren Montagna Boot in Camel Shinki Hikaku Horsehide: $920 (Pre-Order)

These daringly-designed Lofgrens are inspired by mid-century English mountaineering boots, and are built on the 140 last with an impressive Norwegian welt and Vibram Roccia lug soles. Available in this camel color…

john lofgren montagna boots dark burgundy shinki hikaku horsehide

John Lofgren Montagna Boot in Dark Burgundy Shinki Hikaku Horsehide: $920 (Pre-Order)

…or this dark burgundy.

yanko skolyx service boot burgundy shell cordovan

Yanko x Skolyx Service Boot in Burgundy Shell Cordovan: $496 (ex VAT)

If you heard that Yanko was going to be collaborating with Skolyx, you’d perhaps anticipate them producing some classic, dressy styles together. Instead, they’ve defied our expectations by producing a whole slew of workwear-oriented boots that feel informed by their refined sensibilities.

First and foremost, they’ve got a lovely service boot pattern available here, built on a Vibram Eton sole in this burgundy shell from Maryam…

yanko skolyx service boot medium brown

Yanko x Skolyx Service Boot in Medium Brown: $288 (ex VAT)

…as well as some pull-up leathers from Spanish tannery Combalia, including this medium brown shade…

yanko skolyx service boot dark brown

Yanko x Skolyx Service Boot in Dark Brown: $288 (ex VAT)

…and also dark brown.

yanko skolyx moc toe boot medium brown

Yanko x Skolyx Moc Toe Boot in Medium Brown: $288 (ex VAT)

Lots of makers seem to be making moc toe debuts lately, and here Yanko has thrown their hat into the ring with this model built upon a lightweight wedge sole. This one’s available in this medium brown pull-up leather from Combalia…

yanko skolyx moc toe boot snuff suede

Yanko x Skolyx Moc Toe Boot in Brown Suede: $288 (ex VAT)

…or this C.F. Stead Repello snuff suede.

yanko skolyx nst boot cognac shell cordovan

Yanko x Skolyx NST Boot in Cognac Shell Cordovan: $496 (ex VAT)

Last but not least this week from Yanko, these excellent NSTs that are bottomed with Vibram Eton soles. Available in this cognac shell from Maryam…

yanko skolyx nst boot snuff suede

Yanko x Skolyx NST Boot in Brown Suede: $288 (e VAT)

…or some more of that superb snuff suede from C.F. Stead.

unmarked jack penny loafers cherry

Unmarked Jack Penny Loafers in Cherry: $290

The chonkmeisters at Unmarked have paired a traditional penny loafer pattern with some thick natural crepe soles, a silhouette that will no doubt inspire murmurs of awe in your wake. Included as part of Unmarked’s sitewide Black Friday sale!

alden lost found earth chamois plain toe

Alden x Lost & Found Plain Toe Boot in Earth Chamois: $632

The bold, brooding depth of this earth chamois pairs well with the elegant, straightforward design of Alden’s plain toe boot. These boots are Barrie-lasted with a 360 reverse welt and commando soles.

quoddy dawson


Quoddy Dawson Moc: $325

A few limited edition Quoddys were made available this past week, including these Dawson mocs in brown Chrompak leather uppers and soles…

quoddy tracker


Quoddy Tracker Chukka: $350

…these chukkas in black Chromepak…

quoddy womens lodge moc

Quoddy Womens Lodge Moc: $299

…and for the ladies, these British Tan mocs on some comfy Vibram air-injected treads.

danner filson grouse lace to toe

Danner x Filson Grouse Lace-To-Toe Boot: $395

Two venerable Pacific Northwest brands have joined forces to bring us this rugged outdoorsman’s LTT, built with Filson’s Tin Cloth fabric in the uppers, Gore-Tex in the lining, and Vibram Sierra soles.

hiro yanagimachi ls1 sneaker golden brown tan suede

Hiro Yanagimachi LS1 Sneaker: $1500 (Pre-Order)

For this outrageously exhaustive edition of SNBOTW, it feels all too appropriate to go out on this entry. These very special Samba-inspired sneakers from Hiro Yanagimachi are hand-lasted and also hand-welted, meaning that they can be resoled more easily than other sneakers out there. I’m a fan of these golden-brown/tan suede shoes, but there’s a whole bunch more colors available at Leffot.

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