Viberg boots have a fascinating duality to them. They’re born of a legitimately rugged past—Viberg was originally a logging boot company when it was founded in 1931—and to this day even the Canadian brand’s more casual boots and shoes are built with pure function in mind. And yet there’s also a pure, undeniable beauty to them Viberg designs are instantly recognizable, and often deeply arresting.

The beauty and the build—those are the reasons its devotees fall deeply, deeply in love with Viberg. Oh, and the constantly impressive and innovative selections of leathers, of course. And many of those devotees are also devoted to documenting their Vibergs, to showing the boot-mad community what they’re wearing today, and where, and how those Vibergs are aging—almost without fail, beautifully.

Below are 20 accounts I urge you strongly to follow. Some have been around for years and have massive followings. Others are newer to the scene, but no less deserving of your eyeballs. Some are accounts for shops, run by authentic Viberg nuts themselves. But most are just people—people who love the boots and oxfords and everything else, and also happen to be wizards with a camera.

To push the Best Alden Instagrams and Best Red Wing Instagrams stories we’ve already published even further, for this one I did interviews all all the people behind the accounts—to hear what Vibergs they own, which they love most, what they want to wear in the future, and some other fun stuff. I think they provide a ton of specific insight and a real window into everyone’s collections.

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Happy Viberging.


Name: Mike

First pair of Vibergs? Viberg x Styleforum natty cxl cap-toe service boot on the 2030 last.

Favorite pair of Vibergs that you own? Viberg for Withered Fig aged bark roughout on the 2040 last with the Vibram 2060 sole. Holds a special meaning being able to take part in designing a Viberg with fellow Viberg fans Richard (@doppki) and Nate (@cuffington).

Dream Vibergs? Viberg bourbon shell cap-toe service boot with the 10 brass eyelets in the 2030 last. Something about those 10 eyelets that really make the boot in my opinion. Plus that bourbon shell would age into nicer brown tones with wear.

Favorite Viberg last? 2040. Provides some sleekness without being too tight in the instep.

Most formal situation in which you’ve worn your Vibergs? I’ve admittedly worn one of my cap-toe service boots to a wedding, but got tons of compliments.

Toughest thing you’ve put your Vibergs through? Hiking through Utah, including Zion, Arches, Bryce Canyon National Parks. Vibergs are my go-to for all my hiking trips.

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Name: Richard

First pair of Vibergs? Grey kangaroo service boot from the 2017 Viberg sample sale.

Favorite pair of Vibergs that you own? I’d have to say that between winter and summer, I have tended to reach for the mushroom chamois roughout 145 oxfords the most.

Dream pair of Vibergs? I don’t own any shell footwear, so I’d love to get my hands on brown or bourbon shell cordovan service boot in a 1035 last, cap-toe, and leather soles. Simple, clean, timeless.

Favorite last? 1035. I’ve got slightly wide feet, so the additional width has done great things for my feet and their happiness.

Most formal situation in which you’ve ever worn your Vibergs? Most of my Viberg collection are on the rugged side of things (roughout leathers and hardier soles), so I haven’t found myself in a situation where I’ve felt good about wearing my Vibergs with a suit, which is probably the most formal situation I will typically ever be in.

Toughest thing you’ve put your Vibergs through? I used to do a lot of crazy hikes with boots (non-hiking boots), all for the Instagram. After doing one crazy hike, Blanca Lake (11 miles, 7+ hours), in Washington State a couple years ago in some boots and ending up with some bruised feet and calluses, I decided to quit that; and that was all before I got my first Vibergs. So with my newfound awareness of how not to be ridiculous with boots and hiking, the toughest thing I’ve put my Vibergs through have probably been the hustle and bustle of New York. Nothing too crazy, but I find myself walking a lot whenever I’m in NYC.



Name: Still Richard (he, @doppki, owns Withered Fig but both accounts are too good and Viberg-y to not include)

Favorite Vibergs you’ve ever stocked and sold? Well as you can see, we don’t have that many styles at the moment. We’re coming up on two years this October, and by that time I think we’ll have hit four different make-ups/styles. I’m thinking our favorite yet will be the one to come between now and October, but for now I would say our mushroom chamois roughout 145 oxford. The combination of familiar details—raw cord sole, 1035 last, 145 oxford—but added up into one shoe made for a pretty unique make-up that we think isn’t really represented in the market, and so it continues to stand on its own for the time being.

Favorite Vibergs that someone else stocked and sold? Jason over at Division Road Inc. is a good friend of ours, and he was extremely helpful when Withered Fig was first getting set up. Jason also has arguably the largest selection of Viberg, outside of, and he’s got a great eye for coming up with new styles. They recently did a run of the oiled mocha rowdy horsebutt in a service boot that I really love. The horsebutt leathers are truly something else, and the amount of variation in the texture and color of that specific leather is pretty sweet. If I could steal that make-up, I probably would. But I don’t think Jason would appreciate that! But, we’re lined up to use a different horsebutt leather in the near future, so hopefully there will be something similar that I can make Jason envious of. 🙂

What Vibergs do you personally own? So far, since we’ve only got three make-ups, I do own and wear all three. I generally like to give everything I own a fighting chance of getting some good wear in. So as we go forward, if we increase in the amount of make-ups we have, I may have to pull back and not own every single pair. It just wouldn’t be reasonable or feasible for me to do so. That, or I’d just have to let some of my older pairs go.

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Frank didn’t get me his answers yet, but he’s great and wears his Vibergs as hard as anyone and has an astounding Land Rover, so it’s cool.



Name: Allen

First pair of Vibergs? Brown CXL service boots from Brooklyn Clothing.

Favorite pair of Vibergs that you own? Either the natural shell cordovan service boots from Lost & Found or the vitello calf service boots from Ben (you), tough choices.

Dream pair of Vibergs? Most likely the oiled shell cordovan service boots from Shinki which I had missed a while back. Otherwise any shell cordovan service boots are awesome to have!

Favorite Viberg last? 2030 for sure.

Most formal situation in which you’ve ever worn your Vibergs? Haven’t had a super format situation yet, but I wear my Vibergs on a daily basis in an office setting at work.

Toughest thing you’ve put your Vibergs through? Either treading in the snow filled with salt, or a small hike through the woods.

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Name: Patrick

First pair of Vibergs? 3sixteen stealth boots from the first NYC sample sale in 2015. I rode the train up from DC for it. Fell in love with 2030 but ultimately decided black boots weren’t for me so I sold them.

Favorite pair of Vibergs that you own? Natural chromexcel service boots from Lost & Found. Traded @shiboeee some Alden shell longwings for them a few years ago

Dream pair of Vibergs? Unglazed natural shell 2030 service boot, 10 brass eyelets. Obviously dreaming that they will do 10 eyelets again.

Favorite Viberg last? Can’t beat 2030, but I love the 2040 boots I picked up at this year’s sample sale

Most formal situation in which you’ve worn your Vibergs? Probably just work on casual Friday. I have a few pairs of dress shoes I like to wear with suits.

Toughest thing you’ve put your Vibergs through? I do have a pair of hikers that I wear for hiking, but with two small kids it’s mostly just trips to the park or Costco.



Name: Steven

First pair of Vibergs? The collaboration Vibergs for Withered Fig, the aged bark roughout “Marvington” service boot.

Favorite Vibergs you own? Mushroom chamois roughout 145 oxford, another Viberg for Withered Fig. They are simply a joy to wear and they are so unique, and I really haven’t found a situation that these are not great for. Like they said “rugged meets refined”.

Dream Vibergs? Real boots that exist are obviously fine, or you can dream up anything at all. They’re pretty simple, but a style that I don’t currently have in my lineup: a chukka boot, with olive Chromepak Leather and a sand-colored Vibram 2060 Sole.

Favorite Viberg last? 1035. It just really works for my foot and is super comfortable. I especially like it because you have more room in the toe box.

Most formal situation in which you’ve worn your Vibergs? I can’t say I’ve had too many formal events since having my Vibergs, but I do wear them quite often with chinos and certainly wouldn’t be afraid to wear them with my navy suit.

Toughest thing you’ve put your Vibergs through? That’s a little difficult, being that I live in the city and work from our apartment. Most of my outdoor activities are either mountain or gravel biking, so maybe I need to wear them for a ride. The most grueling tasks they currently have seen are trekking around Milwaukee in between our favorite coffee shops.



First pair of Vibergs? The Coffee chromepak collab that they did with 3Sixteen. They released those in NY as an in-store release and put whatever was left online. I didn’t want to miss out on them so I actually paid a friend of a friend to camp out and get them for me. He ended up charging me an extra $200 and shipping to do the task so they ended up costing me more than a grand. I don’t regret that purchase at all.

Favorite pair of Vibergs that you own? That’s a hard question to answer. The coffee chromepak will always be one of my favorites since they’re my first pair. The olive chromepak is special to me since it’s one of two pairs that made me want Vibergs in the first place, and they were a grail that I was able to recently obtain. I also do love my reverse mushroom chamois pairs from Withered Fig and Miloh Shop. The color of those are so unique. I don’t think I can choose just one pair! I’ll say that my favorite boot is my olive chromepak from 3Sixteen and my favorite oxford is the reverse mushroom chamois from Withered Fig.

Dream pair of Vibergs? A color 4 shell plain toe service boot. To get specific it would include 10 antiqued brass eyelets, a black gusseted tongue in some of type of black leather, Cat’s Paw outsole, 2030, unstructured, antique midsole, and obviously stitchdown.

Favorite Viberg last? 2030. I know that people think it’s overused but I love it. It fits me great and I love the slim look.

Most formal situation in which you’ve worn your Vibergs? I’ve worn my brandy shell with a suit to a wedding before.

Toughest thing you’ve put your Vibergs through? It’s not necessarily tough, but I wore my coffee Chromepaks when I was traveling around Germany for two weeks. It was a ton of walking. I also wear my aged barks whenever I’m riding motorcycles or quads.

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Name: Daniel

First pair of Vibergs? Color 4 shell service boots. I have terrible mobile reception at work, and had to drive 20 minutes to get better reception at the time the sale started. Lucky to get a pair, I believe they sold out in a few seconds.

Favorite pair of Vibergs that you own? Scuffed black shell plain toe. Got them for a deal at the Los Angeles sample sale event. Was third in line at 5:45 am. Grabbed them as soon as I walked in. I wear them more than any other pair.

Dream pair of Vibergs? Brandy shell 10 eyelet service boot. I believe they were sold by Leffot many years ago. I was new to the game, didn’t know then what I know now. I should have fought harder for a pair. I would also do bad things for a 10 eyelet color 8 service boot from Leffot.

Favorite Viberg last? I have a very standard foot. I can wear almost any last in 10 or 10.5 and they fit me fine. Most of my boots are on 2030, so I’ll go with that.

Most formal situation in which you’ve worn your Vibergs? I haven’t. I’m particular about casual and formal pairings. I mostly wear Vibergs with chinos and jeans. I like Alden Aberdeen for anything dressy.

Toughest thing you’ve put your Vibergs through? I haven’t. My only outdoors activity is golf. I don’t baby my shell, it’s just the way it works out. I live in San Diego. We don’t have rain, snow, or salt on the sidewalks. I don’t like camping or hiking. I work inside. I don’t do my own yard work. I don’t take shell boots when I go on vacation.



Name: Shoepac

First pair of Vibergs? Greenish/grey Guidi calf service boots. I bought on eBay, I’m sure they were from the sample sale.

Favorite pair of Vibergs that you own? All my Shell service boots. I can’t pick a favorite because I love them all. It’s like picking a favorite child.

Dream pair of Vibergs? Natural shell service boots with an Armagnac cap toe and heel.

Favorite Viberg last? 2030 for style, 2045 for comfort.

Most formal situation in which you’ve worn your Vibergs? Working at my animal hospital.

Toughest thing you’ve ever put your Vibergs through? Working at my animal hospital.

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Name: Kevin

Favorite Vibergs you’ve ever stocked and sold? Most people would suggest the mushroom chamois service boot, but I lean towards black footwear, so I would go with the matte black service boot.

Favorite Vibergs that someone else stocked and sold (including Viberg themselves)? I loved how many 145 oxfords Inventory used to put out. They constantly churned out sick makeups. More currently I love the split horsebutt sidezips available on the Viberg website right now, and the MTO wholecut @tichoblanco just had made is perfect. I love textured leathers.

What Vibergs do you own personally? Color 8 Chromexcel 145 oxfords (110), smoke kudu roughout slippers, dust black calf service boots (2030), matte black service boots (2030), mushroom service boots (2030), waxed camel scout boots (2030), natural CXL roughout boondockers (2030), triple black service boots (2030), bourbon horsebutt service boots (1035), brown waxed flesh country derby boots (2040), and black unicorn roughout hikers (240). I used to have a lot more but wanted to trim down my collection.

Favorite Viberg last? 2030. I know it’s a boring answer but I find it pairs well with what I wear. 110 Is my next favorite.

Most formal situation in which you’ve worn your Vibergs? I think Viberg could work okay for contemporary formal wear. I had a pair of derbies I wore to Le Bernardin in NYC that was pretty risk-taking. Beyond that there are better options.

Toughest thing you’ve ever put your Vibergs through? I’ve done some casual hikes/ camping trips with my Hikers, but if I’m doing a real tough trail I’ll usually wear something lighter.

What do you feel makes different from other boots? Viberg has been my favorite brand for years. When you think of service boots, there is nothing more iconic than the Viberg brand. I think beyond their heritage options they have done an excellent job evolving and growing their brand by experimenting with new styles and silhouettes. Few brands take the kind of risks Viberg has done in the last couple of years and I admire their vision for doing so. They continue to be a favorite in my collection because of style and quality, and in this sphere of footwear it is of my humble opinion that no one does it better.


Name: Matt

First pair of Vibergs? Reverse snuff kudu and tan horsehide. These were my first two pairs, both from the 2015 NYC sample sale. I didn’t know much about Viberg at the time, and all I had to compare them to was Truman boots, and a bunch of Allen Edmonds stuff. That said, I was blown away by the heavy duty materials, and it has ruined me from buying lighter-weight boots ever since.

Favorite pair of Vibergs that you own? This is a very tough decision between my nutmeg kudu and aged bark mini-ripple pairs, but I’m gonna go with the kudu since I wear them more. If you wear them a ton, that must mean you love them right?

Dream pair of Vibergs? 1035 last, stitchdown, cigar shell, brogue cap-toe, 9 gunmetal eyelets, antique edge, commando sole.

Favorite Viberg last? 1035… I have duck feet.

Most formal situation in which you’ve worn your Vibergs? I wish I had a fun answer for this but I wear the Alden gunboats for anything formal, and that only happens like once a year. I’m not a “formal” kind of guy.

Toughest thing you’ve ever put your Vibergs through? I took them on a five mile hike in the Hudson Valley that ended up being a mistake. Dainite isn’t great slippery rocks. It’s the best way build up that patina though.


Name: Sharad

First pair of Vibergs? Brown CXL service boots

Favorite pair of Vibergs? Bourbon shell cordovan.

Dream pair of Vibergs? Brandy shell cordovan boots with 10 eyelets.

Favorite Viberg last? 2030.

Most formal situation in which you’ve worn your Vibergs? During winter to a client meeting with suit. I forgot to pack my dress socks and my dress shoes wouldn’t fit with my boot socks.

Toughest thing yo’ve ever put your Vibergs through? I have designated my color 8 boots as my winter boots. Is that tough enough?

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Name: Jason

What are your favorite Vibergs you’ve ever stocked and sold? This one is tough, as I have to be responsible for the collaborations we do, and often I can see each one in my collection as well as all of our clients. If I had to choose two or say three I would say the NW PACK Bobcat which was for our first Capsule Collection upon Division Road’s Launch, any of our Shelby Sharp or Pinky Blinder Boot series, and the new Hiking Hunter that we developed with Brett for the IVY Street Capsule and is just a great and highly function boot that came out better than we could have wished for. I’ve been collecting for some time, and a simple classic like our Crust CXL Service Boot is great to have in rotation and that’s a signature to our core-exclusives, but personally I’m always going to take a lot of pride in the more fringe make-ups we do like our Bobcats, 310s, Hunters, Blinders, etc.

What are your favorite Vibergs that someone else stocked and sold (including Viberg themselves)?
-Years ago, Haven had a series of simple Roughout 2030 Service Boots on the Christy Sole, plain toes, just classic street meets industrial Vibergs that really represent the early aesthetic of what Brett was doing when no one else was. I also love the Palmer Bad Seed Black Oil Tan Roughout Service Boots on the 2030, Cap Toe with Half Moon Pinking, Dainite Sole. From Viberg they did a Black Horsebutt Service Boot several years ago with Brogue Cap Toe, blind eyelets, murdered out with black flat welt, midsole, and stacked leather sole. I have a representation of each of these in my personal collection and still work them into rotation. I think it’s important to remember these classics and not to be too caught up in the latest and greatest. You’ll actually see reference points to these type of old make-ups often forgotten in the image searches of today, in our collaborations.

What Vibergs do you own personally? Oh geez, I don’t know if I want to state that publicly. I have about 20 pairs of Vibergs some going back about 7-8 years. One of my first pair was a Bobcat done with 4Horseman when Guy still worked there.

Favorite Viberg last? I love the 2030, and I think it gets an odd wrap for being too narrow, which is generally not true. We find guys often don’t size down enough for the 2030 and they are sitting too far back in the waist. The shape, comfort, and fit is classic and signature to Viberg. However, I’m also a huge fan of the 2040 as it’s probably the best fitting last for the widest variety of feet and has a great shape and silhouette. Probably my favorite Munson-based last on the market.

Most formal situation in which you’ve ever worn your Vibergs? I’ve gone to some black tie events and Gala type things in Vibergs, weddings, and a funeral…

Toughest thing you’ve ever put your Vibergs through? I go hiking, in some pretty harsh conditions, a lot in Vibergs. They are also the first thing I pull out in snow conditions. Frankly, while I’m pretty deliberate in my footwear, I don’t baby it, and make a point to walk to work when I can (3 miles each way), and I’m never in sneakers outside of walking the dog in the mornings, so this type of footwear is really all I wear.

What do you feel makes Vibergs different from other boots? Viberg has a very unique approach and while there has been an attempt to encroach on their formula, originality is key. The DNA of the brand and product is strongly family linked which I think shows through continuity as the company evolves, while staying true to its roots. The ability to cross that line of fully rebuildable work boots with something for the contemporary lifestyle and guy makes them very distinct. Making their product wearable for a wider variety of guys but that still appeals to the workwear guy.

Also, most great designers start at material and their success is really defined by their ability to take that element and envision it into something special. Brett is extremely talented at leather sourcing and in the heritage footwear sphere, no one comes close to what he finds and develops with tanneries and that reinforces Viberg’s domination of the market with design + build. Lastly, they are constantly in development, but don’t rush things. Take the Chelsea, which had 9 variations on the pattern and required three pieces of machinery to be found and sourced to make what I think is probably a perfect wholecut version and one of, if not the best, in the market. There was almost a five year process before its launch. While a classic style, taking the time, energy, and applying decades of experience in doing something the best way possible is something I admire and speaks to how we look at our business as well.




Name: Zack

First pair of Vibergs? Huckberry’s makeup: natural waxed flesh, with the mini-ripple on the 2030 last.

Favorite pair of Vibergs that you own? This changes every week, but right now it has to be my 3Sixteen makeup: vintage mocha oil harness, leather sole on the 1035 last.

Dream pair of Vibergs? Has to be natural shell cordovan with 8-9 eyelets. I love Standard & Strange’s new Shinki makeup. It’s out of my budget now, but maybe one day I’ll own a pair.

Most formal situation in which you’ve worn your Vibergs? I don’t find myself in a lot of formal situations, but I mainly go with my brown CXL Vibergs from Brooklyn Clothing when I do. They are just such a classic pair.

Toughest thing you’ve put your Vibergs through? Hmm, I did a 10 mile sightseeing trip one day in Shonan, Japan. My feet were dead after that though.



Name: Martin.

First pair of Vibergs? My one and only pair, aged bark rough out service boot on the 2030 last. These are definitely my go-to pair in my boot collection.

Dream pair of Vibergs? Lately I’ve been craving the mushroom chamois oxfords, guess I’m not the only one. The boot that really caught my eye from Viberg was the classic brown chromexcel 2030 toe cap service boot, I would be keen to get a pair of those as well. And some Chelsea’s, sidezips, derby’s… you get my point.

Favorite Viberg last? 2030. I love the sleek look but yet it is still a sturdy boot. My feet are quite big, so this last tones that part down a bit, and the almond shaped toe makes it look just slightly smaller on my foot.

Most formal situation in which you’ve worn your Vibergs? I’m not a very formal guy. I love to wear the same things for work, parties, and spare time. I think they would look cool with a suit, maybe I should try that sometime.

Toughest thing you’ve put your Vibergs through? No fun stories here, but I guess Swedish winter will have to do for this one.

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What are your favorite Vibergs you’ve ever stocked and sold? Easily the natural Shinki shell cordovan service boots. I saw this leather when we visited the Viberg factory earlier this year. It was hiding amongst a big stack of other leathers, a diamond nestled between a bunch of other lesser gems. The best is yet to come as it’s more or less un-dyed leather and will darken and patina like crazy.

What are your favorite Vibergs that someone else stocked and sold (including Viberg themselves)? Division Road’s crust horsehide engineer boots. I live in engineer boots, and I plan to die in engineer boots, and I love the variability of crust leather.

What Vibergs do you own personally? Right now I’ve got a pair of black waxed camel roughout side zip boots—they’ve got a leather outsole which I normally avoid because I really beat the hell out of my boots and want minimal maintenance. But a quick Tophy job from the fella down the street has ’em right where I want ’em to be. I’ve also got a couple pairs of our next unreleased Viberg makeups coming for me—but I’m keeping that secret for now.

Favorite Viberg last and why? For wearing: 2030 last. They fit my feet really well, look fantastic—it’s a classic. It’s also a helluva versatile last; it’s very forgiving and can accommodate all sorts of different shaped feet. Jeremy (a co-owner of S&S) typically wears a 11.5EE and can wear the 2030 last comfortably, and the 2030 last works great for my narrow feet with a high instep too.

For lookin’ at: 310 last. It’s a last with a lotta hard flex. Totally different than the standard service boot style shape.

Most formal situation in which you’ve worn your Vibergs? Getting the ‘extended interview’ with TSA a few months back.

Toughest thing you’ve put your Vibergs through? I ride my motorcycle in my Vibergs—the other week I was riding up in the Oakland hills and pulled over at one of those ‘makeout points’ with a great view, the kind where the youths smoke weed and listen to mumble rap and maybe also make out. I parked the bike on a patch of gravel and a few minutes later the kickstand slipped and down went the bike. It’s a heavy bastard but I got it back up.

What do you feel makes Vibergs different from other boots? There’s such a huge range of different boots and shoes they make. Naildown logger boots, Chelseas, side zips, jodhpurs, oxfords, sneakers— all done up in some of the most unusual, exotic leathers you’ll find around. Waxed deer, lots of unusual shell cordovan colors, kangaroo, camel, that hyperlapse leather they used recently. They’re constantly pushing forward in an industry that largely consists of variations on a theme. I have tons of respect for what Viberg are doing, and their boots are comfortable as hell too.



Name: Rick

First pair of Vibergs? 2030 last, petrol reverse chamois boots, Mini Ripple sole from Brooklyn Clothing.

Favorite pair of Vibergs you own? Just got the mushroom chukka reverse chamois chukka, Nigel Cabourn collab.

Dream pair of Vibergs? Rare shell derby, with a leather sole, and stitchdown.

Favorite Viberg last? 2045 for a boot, 2030 for a derby or oxford. I really like the 110 too!

Most formal situation in which you’ve worn your Vibergs? Work. But I’m a teacher so it’s not too formal.

Toughest thing you’ve put your Vibergs through? I wear my Pachena Bay hiking boots to shovel snow in. I really don’t beat on my other pairs that much becaues I have so many and never wear them more than one day at a time.



Name: Ryan

What are your favorite Vibergs you’ve ever stocked and sold? My personal favorites have to be the
brown snuff suede service boot, the charcoal & navy chamois service boot on Mini Ripple, the olive waxed flesh service boot, and the mocha oil tan roughout.

What are your favorite Vibergs that someone else stocked and sold (including Viberg themselves)?  I personally really enjoy Division Roads Boondockers they’ve done in the mocha oil tan and black oil tan. I think those are such wearable boots, but will and can take a beating.

What Vibergs do you own personally? I’ve owned the brown snuff suedes for the last five years now, and absolutely love them. They are always my go-to boot out of my whole collection of footwear. I added the navy chamois to my collection last holiday season, and get a lot of compliments on them. Also a great boot.

Favorite Viberg last and why? Both my boots from Viberg are on the 2030, which I do enjoy because I have a long narrow foot. I do however also enjoy the 2040 last, as it’s quite similar in sizing and feel, but from the top down doesn’t have as much of an almond-shaped taper.

Most formal situation in which you’ve worn your Vibergs? I’ve worn my Snuff Suedes to a wedding before, right after they got re-soled and the suede had gone through a perfect cleaning. The boots looked like they had just been taken out of the box.

Toughest thing you’ve ever put your Vibergs through? I’ve take my snuff suedes on multiple trips.—they are the one boot that didn’t take anytime to break in and are comfortable to wear for 8+ hours. One trip I had taken them to New York during the winter, and got the most unreal salt stains throughout the boot. I thought there was no way that the boots could ever get restored or cleaned up to they way they were in the past.

Thankfully enough, I brought them to Alpine Shoes, which is our local cobbler just down the street from Brooklyn, and with a little magic (vinegar & cold water) the salt stains came right out! I was amazed to hear from Gerry that suede is one of the toughest leathers out there and is extremely easy to take care of, and clean.

What do you feel makes Vibergs different from other boots? Easily the craftmanship, and the quality of materials. I’ve owned multiple boot lines over the years of working at Brooklyn Clothing, and none of them compare in comfort to my Vibergs. Although a higher price point, these boots truly are worth the investment over their competitors.


Name: Guy Ferguson, Viberg Brand Director

Which Vibergs do you personally own? Too many! You can see them all in a post on the Magazine.

Which one pair is your all-time favorite? It changes often, but currently it’s my Scout boots in white roughout with a Ripple Sole.

What’s the most formal setting you’ve ever worn Vibergs to? Recently wore slippers in black matte calf to a friend’s wedding in London.

What’s the toughest thing you’ve put your Vibergs through? Probably the crazy snowstorm that hit NYC during market week in 2016. The city totally shut down and we had to walk across lower Manhattan in a couple feet of snow.

What about the development of Viberg Instagram culture has been the most exciting and/or interesting to you? It’s great to see a genuine community forming. The most interesting thing to me is seeing people brought together through our brand, but then connecting on so many other levels beyond that.

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