Canadian superbootmaker Viberg‘s sample sales are legendary—they’re as much a gathering of the bootnoscenti as a place to buy excellent boots at excellent-er prices.

But there hasn’t been once since May 2019! You know, worldwide pandemic and all. Which makes it all the more exciting that basically out of nowhere, there’s an online Viberg archive sale—important note, NOT a sample sale, this is all first-quality stuff—firing up on Marrkt with 100 pairs of nicely discounted Service Boots.

Viberg Service Boots Makkrt

I’m certain you have questions, such as…

Ok When Does This Viberg Archive Sale Happen?

The sale starts at 3pm GMT on Wednesday, July 14, 2021. BUT, if you click this link right here, you’ll get put a list to get early access at 2pm GMT, same day.

What’ll They Be Selling?

Marrkt’s got 100 pairs of Vibergs, all Service Boots, which will sell for a nice discount.

And They’re All Samples, Right?

No! I already said that.

Ok So What Are They Then?

Everything is a first-quality run from previous seasons, largely boots released on


The whooooooole range pretty much.

Will Shell Cordovan Vibergs Be Available?

Yes there absolutely is. It’ll cost more than the other leathers (obviously) but will be a significant discount over standard Viberg shell prices.

What About Other Leathers?

Well part of the fun of these things is getting in there and seeing what’s available, so I can’t get too specific, but you’ll see kudu, horsebutt, calf, and Japanese cowhide as well.

Are These Some of the Boots in the Photos?

You bet they are.

Will These Boots Be Delivered in Time for the Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome?

You bet they will.

Can You Give Me that Early Access Link Again?

I absolutely can. Here it is.

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