It’s getting cold out there, but we’re enjoying the heat from these shoes ‘n’ boots this week—a far too-rare rare duo of Horween leathers available at Nicks Boots; a bonanza of shearling-lined boots from Meermin; an excellent Indy Shoe from Alden Madison; and lots more.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

Rider Boot for Stitchdown Toscanello Horsebutt Fritz Chelsea Boot

Rider Boot x Stitchdown Fritz Chelsea in Toscanello Horsebutt: $500 (Pre-Order)

We’ve joined boot-forces with Rider Boot mastermind (and two-time Shoecast guest) Ron Rider to create a special edition of one of Rider’s signature styles, the Fritz Chelsea. Built on the 60 last in Vachetta Toscanello Horsebutt, this Fritz is made with a 360 rapid construction with a storm welt, plus your choice of Vibram Mortara (lugged half-sole) or Vibram Stresa (Topy-style flat rubber half-sole).

y2 leather work boot indigo horsehide

Y’2 Leather Work Boot in Indigo Horsehide: $680

Vaguely similar to a quality denim garment, this indigo-dyed horsehide leather promises to lighten up with age and wear. Built to roughly a six-inch height with an unstructured toe, these Y’2 Work Boots are bottomed with a 270 storm welt and Vibram 705 half-soles.

black sign aviator boots black horsehide

Black Sign Aviator Boots in Black Horsehide: $960

Much like Black Sign’s Transcontinental Boots, their new Aviator Boots check off what we like to call The Three Bs Of Good Boots—Big, Bold, and Beautiful. Made in some striking black horsehide to a towering height of 17 inches, these engineers feature a 270 flat welt and Biltrite repro half-soles. Ben had a rollicking time checking these boots out at Standard & Strange, which you can read all about here.

viberg brooklyn clothing service boot bourbon workshoe butt

Viberg x Brooklyn Clothing Service Boot in Bourbon Workshoe Butt: $881

A couple intriguing Vibergs at Brooklyn Clothing these week, starting off with an unlined version of the Service Boot in Horween’s lauded—and far too often simply unavailable—Bourbon Workshoe horsebutt. Made on the 2030 last, with a 270 stitchdown construction and Dainite soles. This is about as killer as Service Boot makeups get.

viberg brooklyn clothing service boot winter smoke classic calf

Viberg Brooklyn Clothing Service Boot in Winter Smoke Classic Calf: $792

There’s also the return of this CF Stead leather that Viberg previously ran a couple years back. Also built on the 2030 last, with a 270 stitchdown construction and Ridgeway soles.

franks boots heritage quality goods maxon boot

Frank’s Boots x Heritage Quality Goods “Maxon Boot” in Predator Steel: $675

The Maxon was cooked up in collaboration with our friend @ruggedworkwear, the man behind Heritage Quality Goods. Using the Frank’s Wilshire as a starting point, the Maxon is made on the 55 last with the #3 toe in Horween’s Predator Steel leather, a combination-tanned article with a waxy character. It features a structured toe cap, 270 stitchdown construction, and Vibram 700 soles. Built to either a six- or eight-inch height.

alden madison indy shoe tobacco reverse chamois

Alden Madison Indy Shoe in Tobacco Reverse Chamois: $655 (Pre-Order)

Is the Indy Shoe massively underrated and underrepresented? We think so! Crafted on the Trubalance last, this shoe is made in Tobacco Reverse Chamois leather with a 360 pre-stitch reverse welt and commando soles.

crown northampton harlestone hand stitch derby color 8 marbled shell cordovan

Crown Northampton Harlestone Hand Stitch Derby in Color 8 Marbled Shell: $803

These Harlestones look wildly different from pair to pair, thanks to the vivid variation found in Horween’s Color 8 Marbled Shell. Limited to a batch of 15 pairs, these sneakers feature oak bark leather stiffeners in the heel and toe, plus Lactae Hevea natural rubber soles.

crown northampton overstone hi derby green buffalo

Crown Northampton Overstone Hi Derby in Green Buffalo: $343

Crown Northampton also recently added Horween’s buffalo leather to their line of Overstone hi-top sneakers. Available in the green version above, along with brown and grey.

nicks boots natural chromexcel

Nicks Boots Natural Chromexcel MTO: $579+

Nicks Boots has recently received a limited supply of some of Horween’s best leathers: Natural Chromexcel…

nicks boots natural waxed flesh

Nicks Boots Natural Waxed Flesh MTO: $579+

…and Natural Waxed Flesh. The full slate of Nicks custom options available here. Limited to 50 pairs each!

sagara boondocker natural horsebutt roughout

Sagara “The Non-Beau Ideal” Boondocker in Natural Reverse Horsebutt: $550

Sagara’s magnificent boondocker pattern is graced by this Maryam horsebutt in their latest ready-to-wear offering. Each pair has a substantial amount of hairy and smooth variation from where the shell layer intersects with the rest of the leather. Crafted on the Morgan last, it features a 270 Norwegian welt and Dr. Sole raw cord soles.

jim green african ranger natural buffalo

Jim Green African Ranger in Natural Buffalo: $199 (Pre-Order)

Jim Green utilized South African buffalo (distinctly different from the American bison we usually feature here, also referred to as “buffalo”) to build their latest boot geared towards outfitting and supporting African game rangers. Built with a 360 stitchdown construction and a grippy wedge sole.

alden halo shoes cap toe chukka black chromexcel

Alden x Halo Shoes Cap Toe Chukka in Black Chromexcel: $610

This rugged-looking cap toe chukka is perhaps one of the least Alden-looking Aldens (in a good way!) we’ve seen in a while. Made with black CXL on the 379X last, it’s built with a 360 flat welt and full lug soles.

shoto moc toe shoe charcoal suede

Shoto Moc Toe Shoe in Charcoal Suede: $519

Also available at Halo Shoes are these handsome moc toes from Italian maker Shoto. Built with a 360 storm welt and exclusive “walker” soles from Lactae Hevea.

meermin shearling lined split toe country boot brown country calf

Meermin Shearling-Lined Split Toe Derby Boot in Brown Country Calf: $295 (Pre-Order)

Right in time for winter, Meermin is on a shearling frenzy. They’ve got a handful of shearling-lined boots in stock at the moment, as well as some intriguing pre-orders, such as these Hok-lasted split toe derby boots in brown country calf…

meermin shearling lined jumper boot tobacco waxy shell cordovan

Meermin Shearling-Lined Jumper Boot in Tobacco Waxy Shell Cordovan: $380

…as well as these Rod-lasted jumper boots in Meermin’s exclusive waxy shell cordovan.

truman boot aqua rambler

Truman Boot Co. Service Boot in Aqua Rambler: $460

Truman continues along the Rambler rainbow with their newest six-inch boot, made in an Aqua color on the 79 last. Made with a 360 flat welt on Truman’s Eugene rubber sole.

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