We’ve got an avalanche of Aldens to tell you about on this edition of Shoes ‘n Boots of the Week, plus new releases from Wesco, Viberg, and more. Enough preamble! Let’s dive in.

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

Engineer Boot Redwood Waxed Flesh

Wesco x Standard & Strange Engineer in Redwood Waxed Flesh: $750

A limited-edition release exclusive to S&S, this Wesco engineer comes in a Horween waxed flesh that S&S is calling Redwood. (Fun fact: a runner-up name was “Ketchup.”) Similar to Wesco’s iconic Mister Lou engineer, this boot has a narrowed shaft and comes with Dr. Sole half-soles and heels.

alden indy boot judd frost navy cxl

Alden x Stitchdown x Judd Frost: “Walton” Indy Boot: $665

“Navy CXL needs to be utilized way more,” John from Judd Frost apparently said to Ben, a statement that will surely resonate throughout the annals of time. [Ed note: so true Josh, so true]  Or, you know, at least now, because they went and utilized it for this Indy that gets a rare handstitched moc toe, commando sole, and brass eyes and hooks. Pre-order open now!

alden stitchdown reverse tobacco chamois indy shoeAlden x Stitchdown x Judd Frost “Ravenwood” Indy Oxford: $595

You don’t really see Indy shoes all that much, and they’re even more rare on a wedge. Made with Horween’s reverse tobacco chamois, these guys are ready to whip. Yes, Ben keeps forcing me to put his collab shoes really high up in this story! [Ed note: Josh that was supposed to be between us] But I like them a lot so I’m cool with it. [Ed note: you’re forgiven]

Read all about the details and inspiration behind both of these makeups here.

alden guarded goods archer barrie humus suede

Alden Madison x Guarded Goods “Archer” Straight Tip Boot: $300 Deposit

Leather accessory king Guarded Goods is back with another collab with Alden Madison, this time in Alden’s straight tip boot pattern. Humus suede comes together with brass hardware, a 360 antique flat welt, and a commando sole, all built on the Barrie last, and the whole package is tied together (Get it???? You get it.) with a pair of Guarded Goods rawhide laces. This is a crowdfunded release, so get an order in if you wanna see it happen!

alden ealdwine franconia blucher

Alden x Ealdwine “Franconia” Medallion Tip Blucher: $630

We’ve got a trio of excellent new Ealdwine makeups. First up, the “Franconia,” which comes in classic brown Chromexcel with brass hardware, a 360 reverse welt, and a commando sole. Barrie last here. Classy, but not TOO classy (in case you fear excessive class).

alden ealdwine brown alpine grain straight tip boot

Alden x Ealdwine “AuDog” Cap Toe Boot: $599

Next, we’ve got a cap toe boot made with brown alpine grain leather, Waterloc leather soles, and brass hardware, built on the sleek Aberdeen last, one of Alden’s main dress shoe lasts. Aberdeen + 270 flat welt = pretty darn dressy boot, while the grain can help it flex over to more casual duty. Made in collaboration with Ealdwine’s buddy @audog.

alden ealdwine savvy harvard shortwing color 8 shell cordovan

Alden x Ealdwine “Savvy Harvard Wing” Wingtip Balmoral: $785

Finally, here’s a handsome Color 8 Shell Cordovan oxford made in collaboration with @Savvysartorial, built on the Hampton last with a 270 flat welt and single oak leather soles.

(Speaking of Ealdwine: check out Ben and Ticho’s chat with Matt and Jim on the latest Stitchdown Shoecast.)

Viberg service boot natural shell cordovan

Viberg Natural Shell Cordovan Service Boot: $1450

That grail of grails they call natty shell is back at Viberg on this 2030 Service Boot, which gets some poppin’ brass hardware, an intricately folded cap toe, French binding, and stitchdown construction. You will resist, but this boot should be beaten, and beaten well. You’ll see. YOU’LL ALL SEE.

Viberg Natural Shell Cordovan Bastion Oxford

Viberg Natural Shell Cordovan Bastion Oxford: $1310

Viberg is proving to be pretty committed to its Bastion Oxford, which remains a departure from the brand’s core product line, but apparently we all need to be wearing Vibergs to weddings and meetings with royalty from here on out. Blind eyelets, 270 flat welt. Dare you to beat the hell out of these things too.

alden larossa black suede indy trubalance

Alden x LaRossa Indy in Black Suede: $291 (preorder deposit)

LaRossa has put together a good solid playful Indy makeup here. Black suede, black hardware, and a black Vibram 2060 wedge all stand in contrast against a lighter moc stitch and antique reverse welt. Built on the Trubalance last, as all true Indys are.

alden larossa brown scotch grain moc toe handsewn

Alden x LaRossa Handsewn Moc Toe Boot in Brown Scotch Grain: $679

LaRossa is also serving up some Scotch (grain) on the brand’s accommodating 379X last with a commando sole, 270 flat welt, and black hardware.

meermin rocado museum shell cordovan

Meermin Brown Museum Shell Cordovan: $350

Marbled shell often makes for a fun pair of shoes, and these new limited-time preorders from Meermin in Rocado Brown Museum shell cordovan are no exception. Available as a penny loafer or as a monkstrap.

alden Brick Mortar walter black suede longwing

Alden x Brick + Mortar “Walter” Longwing Blucher: $615

These cool, casual black suede bluchers are made on the Barrie last with blind eyelets, a 360 reverse welt, and double Waterloc soles.

oak street bootmakers field boot natural chromexcel vibram christy sole

Oak Street Bootmakers Field Boot on Vibram Christy: $462

The Field Boot has been a longtime member of OSB’s lineup, and now it comes to us in natural CXL leather on a Vibram 4014 Christy wedge. It’s also worth noting that unlike other Field Boots, this model has been hand-lasted. Built on the Elston last.

truman moc toe boot autumn CXL

Truman Moc Toe Boots–Autumn CXL Upland: $510, Java Waxed Flesh 6 Inch: $460, Smoke Rambler 6 Inch: $440

This past week Truman entered the realm of moc toe boots, and they’ve hit the ground running with three unique styles. My favorite of the bunch is the taller Upland Moc Toe boot, pictured above in stunning Autumn Chromexcel.

Red Wing Want Show Auction

Red Wing x Want Show Laundry Collection

In collaboration with Want Show Laundry in Taichung, Taiwan, Red Wing Heritage has dug through their archive of prototypes, one-offs, and limited styles to offer up a variety of boots for auction. There’s a ton of nifty pairs available for you to bid on, including the Canoe Moc in Black Klondike pictured above. (By the way, competition on some of these boots may be fierce…as of this writing, that particular boot had a bid of $1,500!) All of these pairs are available for bidding through March 24th. You can read more about these boots, Want Show Laundry, and their charitable campaign here.