Did you know that Indiana Jones’ middle name is Walton???

Well it most certainly is, which is one reason we chose it as the name for the initial Stitchdown x Judd Frost collaboration boot, which is now open for pre-order: a navy Chromexcel handsewn Alden Indy boot on a commando sole. Come, meet Walton…

alden indy boot judd frost navy cxl

The Walton Navy CXL Handsewn Indy

Navy CXL is one of the more underrated, and certainly most underutilized shades of Horween’s signature footwear leather. Its color varies greatly depending on what light it’s being blessed with, from (unsurprisingly) a deep navy to an almost a turquoise. When it’s really dark out I swear I get a gunmetal grey from it. Over time it develops into probably the most intriguing, deep shades of CXL you’ll ever find—and it’s a far more versatile leather in terms of styling than you might think at first.

With the navy as our base, we opted for some Stitchdown favorite Alden build options—a 360-degree antique reverse welt, a commando sole, and of course, brass eyelets and speed hooks. Oh and Alden’s Trubalance last—it’s an INDY for crying out lout. But we also added a new move: a handsewn moc-stitch on the apron, which you generally only see in shell cordovan Indys. The above image is a (pretty darn good!) rendering, but my bet is that you’ll see a lot more pop—subtle but definitely distinctive—from the actual boot.

Again, the spec list: 

-Trubalance Last

-Handsewn moc-stitch with bark tan thread

-360-degree antique reverse welt and sole edge

-Commando sole

-Brass eyelets and speed hooks

-Estimated delivery: Oct 2021

-Price: $665 ($200 deposit due on order)

Interested? You can place your pre-order right here.

alden stitchdown reverse tobacco chamois indy shoe

“Ravenwood” Reverse Tobacco Chamois Indy Oxford

Completing the Judd Frost x Stitchdown Alden Indy pack is the Ravenwood— so named, of course, after Indy’s compatriot Marion, who could outdrink half of Nepal and definitely you.

I’ve wanted an Indy shoe for quite some time now, and I’m beyond thrilled that this one will be real. All the comfort of the Trubalance last, all the classic looks of an Indy from the top down, but lighter, easier to get on and off, and certainly funkier, especially with the tan cavity wedge sole we mated the shoe to. And with the Horween reverse tobacco chamois, it’s ready to take a beating and just look better and better for it.

Is this one for everyone? I’m guessing no! But for those wise devils it speaks to—oh, you’re going to be in for a treat.

The specs!

-Trubalance Last

-Walnut moc-stitch thread

-360-degree antique reverse welt and sole edge

-Sahara tan cavity wedge sole

-Six brass eyelets

-Estimated delivery: Oct 2021

-Price: $595 ($200 deposit due on order)

Learn more about the Ravenwood and order right through here

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