Matt Gray came out of nowhere to become an instant Alden legend, and one of the Instagram kings of rare shell cordovan. Now Matt and partner Jim Pietryka—who has almost a decade of experience in the shoe biz and an insane vintage shoe collection—are about to celebrate the second anniversary of their Raleigh, NC shop Ealdwine.

In the first episode of Shoecast Season 3, Ticho and I cover a ton with Matt & Jim, from how they cook up some of the best, most distinctive Alden makeups in the entire game, to Jim’s oldest vintage shoes (from the 40s!), to what shell cordovan would look like with Matt’s face printed on it (and how we might be able to make it actually happen).

Oh and they’re going to be stocking Vibergs soon…so we hit that too.

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This episode was sponsored by Standard & Strange, where you don’t NEED an engineering degree to buy their engineer boots…but it helps.

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