After a rollicking couple weeks focused on Black Every Damn Day Apparently sales, the Shoes ‘n’ Boots of the Week is back with some brand-new stuff…and, some sales, obviously. Jump on it. And check out all the previous Shoes ‘n’ Boots of the Week roundups.

[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of this, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

Alden x The Stronghold Color 8 Shell Cordovan Handstitched Indy Boot

Alden x The Stronghold Handsewn Boot Indy in Color 8 Shell Cordovan: $790

The handsewn shell variety is Alden at the peak of its Indy craftsmanship game. Excellent LA shop The Stronghold just re-upped on their all-dark version, as well as a very similar makeup in the NST Tanker style. Commando sole and speed hooks on both.

Franklin & Poe White's Boots MP

Franklin & Poe x White’s Boots 8-Inch MP in Black CXL: $575

Philly shop F&P just teamed up with Spokane stalwart White’s to create the first-ever 8-inch MP boot, a beautifully straightforward brogued cap toe number in black CXL made to order with your choice of Dainite or commando mini-lug sole. This is just the two brands’ latest collab—see all of F&P’s other White’s makeups here. Cobbler Union Winchester Boot

Cobbler Union Winchester Boot in Brown Calf: $475

Atlanta-based CU just rethought their Winchester high boot, and I needed to think but once that I really, really like it. Aside from the brogued cap toe, its pattern is beautifully simple, and can be dressed up, down, or sideways for whatever purpose you need. On the pure dressy side of things, I also dig their new cognac calf Adelaide.

Division Road x Viberg High Chelsea

Division Road x Viberg High Chelsea: $755

Wholecut Chelseas crafted from un-dyed, shell-ish Toscannello horsebutt from Italy’s Mayram tannery, with natural storm welt and commando sole.  Very cool marriage of sophisticated and capable. Also they’re just beautiful.

Alden x Leffot Snuff Suede NST

Alden x Leffot Snuff Suede NST: $625

NST=Norwegian Split Toe=oh yeah. Done in classic infallible Alden snuff on the ever-elegant Aberdeen last. Leffot is basically incapable of missing with Alden makeups.

Alden x David Wood Hobart Ranger Mocc

Alden x David Wood Hobart in Reverse Tobacco Chamois: $633

Portland (the Maine one) clothier David Wood has been charging hard into the Alden makeup game all year—and will have a TON more interesting stuff coming in 2020, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for you. This take on the Ranger Mocc is as about wonderful as classy-casual shoes can get.


Yuketen Angler Ranger Moc

Yuketen Angler Moc: size 7E, $308 (down from $440)

All of the Yuketens on this list are last sizes (see the full bunch right here), and this is my favorite. Not quite as wild as Yukes tradtionally get, but still bold, and handsewn with typical Yuketen precision.

Yuketen 70s Loafer Brown

Yuketen 70s Loafer in Brown: size 8, $316 (down from $451)

Another straightforward beauty. Moccasin construction, made in Italy.

Yuketen 70s Loafer

Yueken 70s Loafer in Vela Fieno: size 8, $316 (down from $451)

“Vela fieno” translates to “hay sail.” So, there you go.

Yuketen Sierra Wingtip

Yuketen Sierra Wingtip in Brown: size 7D, $424 (down from $605)

While it’s primarily a handsewn company, I’ve always been somewhere between intrigued and captivated by Yuketen’s dress shoe line (and boots for that matter). This wavy take on a longwing is certainly Yuketen-unique, and the finishing is truly beautiful.

Thorogood Beloit Boot

Thorogood Beloit Boot in Brown CXL from Context Clothing: $198 (down from $290)

I haven’t worn any of Thorogood’s step-up 1892 line, but I love my moc toes (read my full review here) and this line is definitely a step up over the work line in terms of leather, construction, and overall aesthetic. Thorogood is a Wisconsin company, and Madison shop Context has been one of their biggest advocates—so in this shoe writer’s opinion, they’re the one who deserves your Thorogood purchase if you make one.

Thorogood Tomahawk

Thorogood Tomahawk Black Milled from Context: $220 (down from $300)

A lot more boot than the Beloit, but in a good way.

Oak Street Bootmakers Natural Trench Boot

Oak Street Natural CXL Roughout Field Boot: $375 (down from $438)

Oak Street still has a ton of stuff on 20%-30% sale (see it all right here), but these are my favorites from the boot roster that still have a lot of sizes in stock. They’re straighforwardly boondocker-y and handsome as hell.

Oak Street Bootmakers Chocolate Wingtip

Oak Street Chocolate Wingtip: $340 (down from $486)

While they’re mainly known for boots, and their handsewn game is growing really nicely, Oak Street’s dressier shoes also have a ton of appeal. These d’Annonay chocolate calfskin staples can go with pretty much anything.


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