The theme of this Shoes ‘n’ Boots Of The Week is: foul weather. The autumnal rainfall is approaching. So: boots. We’ve got lots of options to consider this week from the likes of Viberg, Parkhurst, Alden, and more.

This is our last roundup before Ben lifts his starting pistol and signals the beginning of the first Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome. Hope you’ve got your pair picked out! 

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[Ed Note: while we never choose anything specifically because of them, some of these recommendations contain affiliate links—the price is the same for you, but Stitchdown gets a small commission if you make a purchase. It’s essential to keeping the site alive, so we really, really appreciate it.]

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Wesco Mister Lou in Brown Chromexcel: $659

Standard & Strange dishes up the Wesco favorite Mister Lou engineer in classic brown CXL, along with the standard Motor Patrol last, narrowed shaft, brass hardware, and Dr. Sole half-soles. Only a few sizes left.

Viberg Service Boot in Toscanello Horse TPR: $770

In their latest Service Boot drop, Viberg enlists the services of Maryam’s Toscanello horse rump with a TPR coating to provide it with an extra level of shine. Built on the 2030 last with Ridgeway soles.

Viberg Wholecut Derby Boot in Terre Calf Suede: $830

Viberg continues to introduce new products to their AW21 lineup. This week we saw a slew of new Wholecut Derby Boots, including this pair in a leather that I’ve grown fond of, Terre Calf Suede from suede kings C.F. Stead. Built on the 2030 last, these boots were built with weather resistance in mind; the wholecut pattern is complemented by a storm welt and Dainite soles.

Viberg Halkett Boot in Brown Comipel Horsebutt: $790

Viberg also recently introduced some new Halketts. This pair is made with brown horsebutt from Comipel (with shell layer intact!) on the 2030 last with Dainite soles. Probably the best Halketts we’ve seen. Catch up on the rest of Viberg’s AW21 releases here

Alden x Brogue “Morris” V-Tip Boot: $630

Damn, that leather/sole combo is fantastic! Alden’s black cork outsole needs more love, and it looks great here with the tobacco chamois leather. These are built on the 379X last with a 270 flat welt.

Parkhurst Allen in British Tan Chromexcel: $340

A trio of new boots from Parkhurst this week! First up, another rendition of the Allen, but this time done on a comfy Christy wedge. Built on Parkhurst’s 602 last with British tan CXL.

Parkhurst Allen in Camel Kudu: $342

Next, a more-traditional Allen in the confusingly-named Camel Kudu leather from C.F. Stead. (Is it camel? Is it kudu? Is it somehow neither??) (It’s just kudu; camel’s the color.) Also 602-lasted, complete with Ridgeway soles. Handsomely rugged!

Parkhurst Richmond in Brown Waxy Commander: $346

Finally, Parkhurst’s cap-toed Richmond boot comes to us in waterproof Waxy Commander leather from C.F. Stead. Also 602-lasted, also Ridgeway-soled.

Alden x Ealdwine “The Dunes” Atom Blucher: $625

This pair will have your friends saying “Timothee Chala-may I take a closer look at these?” Alden’s Atom shortwing blucher gets the milkshake suede treatment here, built on the Barrie last with double Waterloc soles.

Alden x Ealdwine “Sir Walter Borge” Wingtip Boot: $640

Ealdwine’s “Sir Walter” makes a reprise, this time in this deadstock calfskin from Norwegian tannery Borge. These are made on the Plaza last with a 270 flat welt and double oak soles. There’s only a few sizes left of this limited-edition pair…don’t wait.

Norman Vilalta x Leffot Haring Boot in Dark Caramel: $1020 (Pre-Order)

Leffot has collaborated with Barcelona’s Norman Vilalta—a maker we don’t talk about nearly often enough on Stitchdown, so here we are correcting that—to bring us the Haring Boot in a hand-patinated, eye-popping caramel grain calf. Combined with some Vibram Gumlite commando soles, you’ve got a derby boot that’s classy but chonky.

Alden x Harrys Shoes Plain Toe Blucher in Tobacco Reverse Chamois: $625

Summer’s over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing Alden PTBs. Harrys Shoes thinks so too. They’re bringing two pairs of Barrie-lasted bluchers to us in foul-weather-ready chamois with commando soles. You’ve got your choice of the tobacco…

Alden x Harrys Shoes Plain Toe Blucher in Earth Reverse Chamois: $625

…or the earth colorway. Not the world’s greatest photos on these! Sorry! But check out Alden maestro Brett Klein’s Instagram feed to see them in their true glory. 

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